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Overcome seasonal ups and downs with a practical approach to client communication

During the holiday season, we prioritize time with loved ones and maybe a bit of pampering for ourselves. Arguably, this year we all need, crave, and deserve even more comfort and cheer than usual. That’s good news for the salon and spa industry, especially those who approach the upcoming surge with a long-term perspective!

Here are a few simple tips to help get guests what they want while getting you, your staff, and your business what it needs to make the most of this holiday season and beyond:

Set up an infrastructure for year-round revenue

With all of the new responsibilities and accommodations around COVID-19, many owners are looking at automation tools that help keep things running safely, efficiently, and as “hands-off” as possible. Eliminating the need for front-end staff having to manually make calls or send texts to fill in inevitable last-minute appointments and cancellations becomes a logical choice. Salons and spas that start aligning their client behaviors with AI data analysis before and during busy times find that clients respond well to better overall communication and enjoy increased revenues throughout the year. Armed with AI powers, they can automatically reward regulars, celebrate birthdays, thank big spenders, send out reminders, and keep books filled even in typically slow seasons.

Embrace your important role in the community

We are an industry of people who love making others look and feel good, and we are essential. Service providers add personal value to their clients’ lives beyond their role, and this is an important time of year to be on their minds. Your clients are also your neighbors, family, and friends, and they expect to hear from you this time of year. Share that you appreciate their patronage and offer bundles, gift certificates, and incentives to return. Your business enhances your entire community and the holiday season is an excellent opportunity to remind your tribe to support their local small businesses.

Plan ahead and get your timing just right

This time of year, people make a conscious decision to spend money, and they plan around it. You don’t want to send holiday greetings or promotions too early because people tend to procrastinate. You don’t want to send them out too late because they’ll already have finished shopping. Find the sweet spot and launch accordingly. Reach out at the right time to get into client budgets and remind them that your services make great gifts for themselves and others.

Keep these ideas in mind when you communicate with clients this season, whether you handle your client communications the old-fashioned way or you take advantage of the automation that comes with smart tools such as Meevo 2’s built-in REACH functionality. Although there are immediate and long-term advantages of using automation, over the busy holidays is an ideal time to ditch time-consuming, imprecise manual administration and focus more on your clients.

By automating the filling of last-minute appointments and cancelations, you and your staff get valuable time back to service guests, take care of other vital tasks, and enjoy more personal time. Remember, having your business run smoothly is a meaningful gift for your business that you will celebrate all year long.