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How much would 20% more clients impact your bottom line? Hint...A lot!

Although we all want a 100% client loyalty rate, getting in a minimum of 20% more business in the short term is very achievable. In fact, by turning on the latest innovation in smart salon technology included in your scheduling software, such as Meevo 2 or SalonBiz, increasing client retention is much easier to achieve than you would think. 

The way it works may not be rocket science but it is data science. You already use this technology whenever you Google something, see a targeted ad or listen to an auto-curated playlist. The difference is this data science is specific to salons and spas. REACH turns your last-minute openings into booked appointments, so you don’t have to.

The simplest way to get clients to come in more is to ask – reaching out to the right people, at the right time, and in the right way. Here are five ways to get you doing that every day so that your bottom line for next year blows 2020 out of the water!

1. Ensure Email Accuracy

Confirm your contact list is up to date so your clients receive those timely reminders and irresistible offers.

Make sure your staff asks, “What’s the best way to keep in touch? Do we have your most recent information on file? We’d love to send you our great specials.” Adding that one question to your check-out process is key to keeping your salon full every day of the week.

2. Learn What Clients Want

Identify your most popular service providers and offerings and adjust your communications accordingly.

REACH constantly scans your appointment schedule for available openings and acts on informed predictions to make client matches for you. It finds patterns in your previous client transactions and adjusts communications to meet your business needs.

3. Find Incentives That Work

Determine your comfort-level with incentives and select offers that work for both you and your clients.

When your clients get what they want and it increases your bottom line, it’s a win-win. An incentive doesn’t have to be a discount. An incentive can be just “a good reason to book now,” so it could be a reminder, a package deal, or a referral voucher that gives you a sizable profit. Think of reasons your clients may want to take advantage of harder to fill booking times and meet them halfway.

4. Add an Online Booking Module

Activate real-time access to your appointment schedule so your clients can book the best available appointment at any time!

Giving clients easy access to your available appointments brings in revenue that would otherwise be lost. REACH enables last-minute booking from your website on day one. It enhances your brand, upgrades your clients’ experience, and increases your monthly revenue – guaranteed!* 

5. Connect Everywhere and Connect Often

Share your booking link broadly to increase communication, impact, and revenue.

Did you know that your clients can use your last-minute booking link from anywhere? The link can be sent via text, email, social channels, and even printed on in-store signage! 

Excited to start increasing revenue? The moral of this blog post is that if you’re not asking clients for their contact information at check out (and using it!), you are missing out on easy repeat business. It’s time to release the untapped power inside your POS software. Remember, the answer is never “Yes!” to the question that hasn’t been asked. 

Fill your seats, fill your calendar, and fill your pockets! REACH is more than just affordable, it pays for itself with its Monthly Revenue *Guarantee of $600-$1400, depending on your tier.

Contact a REACH consultant today to find out more about how we can increase your revenue with optimized and automated email and text marketing campaigns that fill last-minute bookings. We have tons of client success stories to share and are here to help build out a program that works for you. | 1.888-796-5755 |