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Data is and should be the guiding light that informs every SMB’s marketing and business decisions. As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to reflect on the data around the successes and challenges of 2022 and start planning ahead for how to approach 2023.

According to the State of Inbound 2022 Business Report for Marketing and Sales Research the following are the top three marketing challenges that businesses faced in the past year.

  1. 63% Struggled with generating traffic and leads
  2. 40% Could not effectively determine the ROI of their marketing activities
  3. 28% Strained to secure enough funds for their marketing budget

Scheduling Software providers are in a prime position to guide merchants in these trouble areas.

1. Generating traffic and leads –

The Scheduling Software Platform houses enormous amounts of data that can help inform merchants about who their customer base is, what their preferences are and therefore, what messaging and outreach could effectively generate new traffic and leads. By integrating the Scheduling Software Platform to a powerful and robust Client Communication Platform like, the POS can give merchants the knowledge they need to get a head start in 2023. Contact us today to learn more about our intelligent and seamless solution

2. Determining ROI – 

The key to understanding return on investment lies in having access to relevant data. Many marketing solutions claim to offer comprehensive insights, or detailed reporting, when in fact merchants often find themselves overwhelmed by seemingly irrelevant charts and inconclusive or questionable results that don’t appear to relate at all to the answers they really need. Merchants only need to know how many people they reached with their campaign, how many people responded and how much money they made from it.

According to that same State of Inbound report, about 49% of businesses use some form of email automation. As the Point of Sale, finding an automated marketing integration that simplifies the results for your merchants rather than complicating them, could make you the hero coming into 2019 while simultaneously increasing your incremental monthly revenue. Check out our simple and intuitive automated marketing solution.

3. Securing an adequate budget – 

This issue becomes irrelevant as more leads are generated and ROI is better understood. Once merchants can more clearly see what is working and what income is being produced as a result of their efforts, they will become increasingly efficient, effectively eliminating their marketing budget concerns.

Moreover, if their marketing solution is provided through the POS, it is likely working in conjunction with their gateway, their consumer data platform, their scheduling software and their reputation manager to further alleviate their overall spend which would otherwise be spread out over separate and non-integrated solutions.

As Scheduling Software Platform integrations continue to improve it is important to understand which ones are the most important for your merchants so that you are able to help them alleviate their day-to-day struggles and improve those valuable relationships.

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