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Do you want to fill seats, grow revenue, and strengthen client relationships?

Whether your style is cutting edge or old school, there is one commonality across all salons and spas – the constant challenge to fill appointments! Thanks to recent innovations in technology, many business owners who had never considered using scheduling automation software are now considering it for the first time.

The key is to learn more about what your clients want, when they want it, and how they want to interact. According to Google analytics*, nearly half (47%) of salon appointments were booked online and 76% of those were booked on a mobile device. This kind of powerful data helps you engage with clients on their terms and keep your businesses busy and openings filled.

Platforms that can learn and then make optimal decisions for you can be hard to find. If you are considering an AI-powered yield-management software to fill your empty seats, be sure they include these five features:

1. A GUARANTEE – Results you can bank on.

More solutions are now cloud-based (Software as a Service) SaaS. This transition often provides cost efficiencies that enable a guaranteed return on your investment (ROI). If your software doesn’t come with a guarantee, you should ask why that provider can’t financially back their claims.

2. POS INTEGRATION – If it’s not turn-key, it’s a turkey!

Managing multiple software packages adds to your workload. Find one solution that’s easy to navigate and works seamlessly with your POS. Efficient onboarding backed by excellent customer support makes it easier to earn more. If it increases your effort or complicates your workflow, move on.

3. INDUSTRY EXPERTISE – Salons & spa savvy on your side.

Find a partner that understands the nuances of your industry. The right tool facilitates off-peak bookings. No one-size-fits-all solution will be as effective as one that’s customized to your specific client base, workstyle, goals, and challenges.

4. RELIABLE ACCURACY – Automation you can trust.

Accurate, real-time, automated scanning and scheduling capabilities are critical to success. Double bookings or missed openings are non-negotiable for a scheduling management tool. Salons that don’t allow clients to book on their own time, often during non-business hours, will lose business.

5. PROMOTION FLEXIBILITY – The right offer at the right time

New stylists may be struggling to build a client base. With the right platform, the same tool that fills last-minute vacancies and alters client booking behavior, also promotes new staff or products. A smart marketing engine sends timely, targeted promotions to the right client, ensuring the highest conversions possible.

* Online booking software data collected between April and June of 2018.

Wrap Up...

Manual calling and rescheduling cancellations and appointments can be taxing and take owners, managers, and staff away from their focus on building the core business. Finding the right scheduling automation tool gives you a huge advantage over your competition.

Think of all of the empty seats you have had and the impact those quiet times have made on your bottom line. Now imagine a POS-integrated tool that fills those seats – automatically and effortlessly. With the technology available today, there is no reason to lose income due to empty seats. To facilitate your booking, look for a platform that’s affordable, easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated with your POS, and delivers immediate and guaranteed results!

Integrated with the world’s largest and most advanced Scheduling Software Platforms, created a seamless solution for our partners and their customers to help keep the appointment book filled and staff productive. Join us for a personalized demo of, our A.I. Automated Customer Communications & Marketing Platform. If giving us a call is more your style, dial 888.796.5755 for the scoop on what we offer and what we’ve been up to lately. Thanks!

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