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One of the biggest trends in modern consumerism is a focus back on local.

Consumers want to know that they are benefiting their community and the planet in some way with their purchasing decisions.

This can mean favoring locally sourced meat and vegetables or frequenting the locally-owned coffee shops and restaurants. Whatever the case, it is vital that you begin to position yourself within the local conversation.

Whether you have a true mom and pop operation or a locally owned franchise location, the Point of Sale is the center of your commercial universe. And with the addition of more and more marketing integrations it’s becoming important for you to recognize the methods through which you can have relevant and meaningful communications with your clients without doing it all yourself.

Here are a few simple ways, with the right integrations, you can start to bring some personalization to your marketing efforts.

1. Automated Emails –

The Point of Sale is the central hub of the business, collecting and storing enormous amounts of data which may include client name, email address, date of last purchase, item last purchased and so on. With that data alone, a powerful marketing strategy begins to emerge. The Welcome Email. That first visit is a vital one to the future relationship between you and the client…and a little appreciation can go a long way. Helping you establish a quality automated welcome message (triggered by an initial purchase) along with a relevant offer to show appreciation, can mean the difference between a one-time drop-in and a new, life-long relationship.

2. Local Testimonials –

The more goodwill you can build around your business name the better off you will be. Unfortunately, happy clients don’t always feel compelled to leave a positive review. Again, this is where the Point of Sale can become a valuable tool. By automatically triggering a survey each time a client makes a purchase (and being sure to set a limit of one per client) you can make it easy for your happy clients to give relevant and positive feedback. This can also create a more private forum for addressing negative reviews before they make it onto social platforms.

3. Local Appreciation –

Finally a large part of building a reputation as a local business lies in showing appreciation for the local client base. By building out a locals’ appreciation discount model within the Point of Sale and connecting that to an automated marketing platform, you can start to engage “local” clients in a more personalized way and build a reputation as a locals-friendly business.

A powerful integration to a robust marketing tool that learns and runs off the data gathered within the Point of Sale can be a huge asset to a Point of Sale System and can provide tremendous value to the service already offered to small and medium businesses, like yours, trying to succeed in a competitive local market.

Stay locked in for more helpful tips. Happy day! 🙂

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