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Six Ways to Stay Connected to Clients from Home

Taking care of ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities is the priority right now. We want to remind you that the Octopi team is always here to help you take care of your business with the technology to help you thrive. Salons and Spas are critical glue for local communities and your clients are more aware of your skills and talents now than under normal circumstances.

Below are some ideas for how to engage with clients via email and/or social media as we get through this challenging time together.

1. Reach out personally:

Tell them how you’re doing, that you’re thinking about them, and wish them well.

2. Provide professional advice:

Advise them about what to do, and what not to do, to maintain their hair, beauty, and wellness while at home. Maybe quote familiar providers to reinforce that personal connection to your staff.

3. Get their feedback:

Survey them about new offerings, packages, or product bundles you’re considering adding when you re-open. Ask them what they liked/disliked about your space? Your website? Would they’d like the addition of refreshments, rate from 1-10? Whatever you ask, at the end of the survey, make sure to check that their email and phone numbers are up to date.

4. Pre-sell for the future:

Offer them the opportunity to purchase gift cards to be redeemed later. This is also an opportunity to let them know how and where you will update them with your schedule and plans. When you are more than two weeks from opening, prepare emails and post social media campaigns with the booking button so clients can pre-book.

5. Offer useful resources:

Provide links to sites or resources that you think they will enjoy or find useful. Whether it’s sharing funny memes, local safety resources, or positive neighborhood stories, this is an opportunity to develop your brand personality.

6. Prepare with key partners:

Getting ready for the inevitable influx of business ahead of time is an important upcoming phase. Set up systems now to optimize how you process information and service customers so that you can focus on reconnecting and your core business.

Although this is a challenging situation, we are all doing our best to make the most of it. Resources our merchants have found helpful include:

We are here to help You get through this challenging time. Please reach out to our sales and/or support teams at any time if we can be of assistance. We can help you answer questions, onboard new merchants, and service existing customers.