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Time is money … yes, literally. For an active business, especially one that’s small or short staffed, any tasks that can be taken off your team’s workload is valuable.

Enter your new front desk assistant! This amazing new hire is, a software developed to take a huge and all-important client communications burden off humans working in salons, spas, barbershops and fitness centers—freeing them up for other priorities.

Give The Busy Work To Your AI Assistant

Your new REACH assistant is tireless … never needing a break. (In fact, it’s happy to work 24/7.) It’s efficient! Confirmation and reminder alerts, plus other communications, go to your clients right on time, every time.

It’s personable! Driven by a powerful AI algorithm that gets to “know” your clients and their wants and needs, it’s so friendly and helpful that they won’t realize they’re talking to AI.

It’s proactive! It knows your clients so well, it alerts them to upcoming open appointments they are likely to want, filling those last-minute openings. And, last but definitely not least, it’s affordable … an MVP team player that works for a few dollars a day.

Save Time and Fill Books? WIN. WIN.

Any business would be glad to increase productivity while moving time-consuming tasks off busy team members. For small or under-staffed businesses, it’s a lifeline.

“In the past 22 days, REACH has sent out close to 200 outreach correspondences to my customers,” says Simone Goode, owner of GoodeLiving, a six-booth day spa. “As someone who is independent, that’s not something I could possibly do.”

Since watching those six booths stay filled with appointments seamlessly booked and confirmed, Simone’s been telling other small business owners about her secret weapon. “I talk to businesses all the time about REACH, businesses that can’t afford huge marketing teams or huge front desk teams,” she says.

“It’s seamless. My customers think it’s coming from us; they don’t see ‘REACH’ plastered all over the place. The emails and the texts all say GoodeLiving, so they still have that one-on-one customization.”

Christine Perkens, the owner of Pyara Spa and Salon, says REACH’s cheerful, personalized communication had an unexpected effect on her upscale clientele: it endeared them even more toward the company. “It translated really well to the guest interactions,” she says.

“It’s cute, I’ve had people forward our emails saying ‘This is really sweet’ and it’s fun,” she says. “We’re not exactly a fun, cutesy type of place, and it’s kind of a nice change. It humanizes us a little bit, which is always a good thing.”

Not exactly what you’d expect from software, but what can we say? This one’s different.


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