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If you own a salon, chances are you’re short-staffed right now. Ever since (and because of) the pandemic, salons from coast to coast have experienced mass numbers of team members moving on, but not enough candidates available to refill those openings.

While we can’t come in and cut hair for you—we can assist you in another way, which is to help your business become as efficient and productive as it possibly can with the team you have now. Here’s how the algorithm can handle essential communications with your clients (and fill last-minute openings in your books) without your employees having to do a thing.

Bookings & Confirmations? Let Software Handle That

For your team, the less time spent tracking down clients to book, reschedule or confirm appointments, the more time they have to spend on … well, everything else.


“We definitely spend a lot less time on the phone trying to call people we think may need an appointment soon, or in certain instances, a client that hasn’t been here in a while,” says Evan Samer, general manager of the Paramount Pampering salon, which installed not long after his salon reopened from the pandemic.

“It made our front desk a lot more efficient with a lot less phone calls that they had to make. A lot of their job is done for them.”

Cancellations & Last-Minute Openings: Obliterated

Productivity is important for every successful business, but an absolute make-or-break for one that’s not fully staffed. Though cancellations, postponements and other last-minute issues can and do come up all the time, using REACH cuts way down on skilled team members stuck doing “busy work” when they could be providing client services.

The REACH algorithm analyzes and auto-contacts clients who are likely to want upcoming appointments (even the ones that just opened up). That means when your team is there, their valuable time is spent doing what makes them—and you—the most money.

“One thing we really liked about REACH was the ability to fill those last-minute spots, even day-of appointments,” says Evan Samer. “That was something that really helped us as we came out of the pandemic. Since then, we’ve noticed those missed opportunities show up a lot less because REACH has been able to fill those spots for us.”

Bonnie Bonadeo, of Intrigue Salon, admits that “I was nervous about adding another piece of technology, but it took probably five minutes to set it up. And then, within the first 24 hours, we had hundreds of dollars coming in from it,” she says. “New appointments in our books that we didn’t have to put any effort into.”

After REACH is installed and starts doing its thing, there’s nothing more for a salon owner to do (except track the revenue their business has earned via REACH). “It was a set-it-and-forget-it type thing, for the most part,” says Even Samer. “When you’re super busy, the less you have to worry about is always better.”



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