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Much of the marketing and customer engagement that is applied by the giants we all know and love can be easily replicated by small and medium businesses in the beauty and wellness industry. It’s all about AI automation.

Scheduling Software Platform Developers are in a prime position to help small and medium-sized merchants with their automated marketing efforts. Through one easy integration to the right type of software, smaller businesses can start to truly compete with their big box competitors in these simple ways.

1. Automated Email Campaigns

In today’s technology-centric world, customers are used to giving out their email addresses and contact information. It is no longer considered an invasion but rather an opportunity. Big box stores aren’t thinking twice about contacting customers, and neither should your merchants. Automated and configurable email campaigns based on data collected right in the point of sale are a perfect way to interact with customers an keep them engaged in timely and relevant ways. It’s time to provide your merchants a truly automated customer engagement program that drives more dollars through their doors.

2. Reviews and Reputation Management –

This is another area where the commercial giants thrive, and it is an easy process to automate and streamline through the point of sale. Give small and medium merchants the power to know what their customers are saying about their products and services, and give them the freedom to automatically post positive reviews directly on the web in real-time. Customer feedback works for your merchants on multiple levels. They gain insights on how to improve their business, while also strengthening their online presence, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

3. Personalization in 2023 means understanding each client

Technology is an equalizer. It allows the small and medium beauty and wellness owners of the world to run their businesses as easily and efficiently as the commercial Goliaths, and at the core of it all is using integrated AI solutions!

Integrated with the world’s largest and most advanced Scheduling Software Platforms, created a seamless solution for our partners and their customers to help keep the appointment book filled and staff productive. Join us for a personalized demo of, our A.I. Automated Customer Communications & Marketing Platform. If giving us a call is more your style, dial 888.796.5755 for the scoop on what we offer and what we’ve been up to lately. Thanks!