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We will be REACHing for more in 2021! is delighted to announce Patrick Blickman as the CEO.

Patrick has been a key member of REACH.ais executive and leadership team through the many R&D stages of the organization. Beginning his career under the Octopi Commerce umbrella, Patrick created and led the sales and marketing operations for both Monetary Payments, and Octopi Commerce LLC. In his position, Patrick will work closely with the executive team and investment group to pursue the goals set out for the broader market launch in 2021.

Announcing Patrick’s position, Jeffrey B. Katz, Chairman of Octopi Commerce said: “Patrick is an exceptional leader. His track record of building out and leading partnership, sales, and customer success departments has been extraordinary. We know that Patrick’s contributions and experience along with the rest of our extremely talented executive team will be critical as we continue to grow as an organization to meet our strategic objectives”.

“As continues its amazing journey into 2021 and beyond, we will work tirelessly as an organization to create world-class software products that serve our partners and their merchants” Jeff concluded.

Reflecting on the announcement, Patrick said: “I am honored and excited to be a part of the collective efforts of this extremely special team here. We have such an outstanding culture, the broadest capability in the market and a winning strategy that has enabled us to grow strongly. I am passionately committed to placing our partners at the absolute center of everything we do.”

Founded in 2017, Octopi Commerce was created to build and develop world-class software products to be used in conjunction in a credit card processing ecosystem. Standing out in its potential, was separated form he payments ecosystem in order to become a stand alone A.I. software platform capable of integrating with global scheduling software platforms. In partnership with its Scheduling Software Developers, plans to pioneer a new way to deliver seamless, highly personalized client communications through the platform that empower salon/spa business owners to fill their appointment books automatically by using personal, relevant, and timely communications.

Automation includes personalized, relevant, and timely text and email communications and incentives based on individual preferences and patterns. Optimized Results come from AI-powered correlations and analytics based on real-time data.

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