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We are here to help You get through this challenging time.

During these times of uncertainty, we are continuing to support you by filling your last-minute appointments and cancellations automatically with our 400% ROI guarantee.

Whether your business is temporarily suspending operations, staying open, or you don’t know yet, here is how using REACH™ can help minimize the COVID-19 impact on your business:

We highly recommend you give us a call at 888.796.5755…

  • Our expert team of customer success managers are working with many Salons and Spas all over the country helping them get through these troubling times. We are standing by to help prepare your business with the most up-to-date best practices so we can get through this together.
  • We will also make sure you are set up for success and in the best position to come out of this with a full book of clients so you can return to normal as quickly as possible.
  • We are adding online booking modules to Websites and Social Media Pages completely free of charge to ensure you have maximum visibility on the Web.

Whether you are open now, or have temporarily suspended services, here are the top 10 best practices we have put together to help you:

  1. Take some time to maximize services and practitioners available for online booking, especially in REACH™. When the time is right for your business, our software will begin automatically filling your book without you having to do anything.
  2. Stay in touch with clients via social media and email. Remind them you are there for them and remember to collect up-to-date emails while removing or correcting bad emails.
  3. Update clients with your schedule and plans. If you are more than two weeks from opening, prepare and post social media campaigns with the booking button so clients can pre-book.
  4. Use this time to improve or upgrade your online presence. How are your social media pages and website looking?
  5. Consider new ideas for packages or product bundles upon your return.
  6. Ensure your REACH™ booking button is available on your website.
  7. Ensure any emails you send to clients include links to your REACH™ online booking button.
  8. Extend your available time frames as much as possible to maximize scheduling availability.
  9. Unblock all days or times in your REACH™ rules so the software can fill your book back up as quickly as possible.
  10. If you have temporarily suspended services, remember to turn off online booking in your scheduling software so clients cannot accidentally book during this time. As a reminder, REACH™ never needs to be turned off; it is integrated in with your scheduling software so it only sees what you have made available in your online booking.
If we can help answer any questions, please reach out to our customer success department at 888.796.5755. For non-REACH™ resources, if you haven’t seen it already, check out this portal from SalonToday.
We at Octopi care about you, your family, and your business. We are confident that together we will come out of this stronger, wiser, and positively transformed for an even better life, heightened sense of balance, and more successful business!

The Octopi Family