New Features & Updates

2021.11.01 Release

Updates to the REACH™ platform:

Finding untapped opportunities within your existing client base is one of the primary benefits of REACH. By re-engaging with clients without an established booking history (i.e. one-off appointment or dropped off over time), we drive new booking streams.

Today’s REACH updates feature new ways to connect with your guests. The first update will help you introduce REACH by highlighting key benefits to encourage your guests to fill your last-minute openings. The second update includes a retention campaign that proactively reaches out to your guests once their primary service provider has left the salon or spa.

What's New?

REACH - Client Launch Campaign

REACH is activated on your POS, now what? Get your guests using the new platform!

Once salons and spas are on the platform, REACH gets clients on board with a seamless orientation campaign. A series of emails introduce clients to the benefits of the new booking experience, walk them through the new process, and encourage registration for new bookings.

REACH - Client Retention Campaign

When service providers move on, REACH helps you keep their guests coming back.

After staff turnover, an automated campaign is sent to the clients of the former service provider. A personalized message from the business owner or manager reassures them that they are a valuable client to the business and that other talented providers are on staff to readily meet their needs.

What’s Improved?

Our world-class team performs ongoing research to develop, design, and test our solutions to optimize clients’ online experience. The evolution of our product may include the look, feel, or ease of use of our product. Some recent and notable improvements include:

  • Providers can now be added to Personalized Service Cards.
  • Indicator and label widths are equal in the exceptions providers/services tab.

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