New Features & Updates

2020.17.08 Release

About the REACH™ platform:

World-class client experience is a 360-degree engagement cycle. Salon or Spa clients seamlessly flow between their in-store services and the automated on-line connections, offers, and communications provided by the REACH™ platform. By consistently upgrading core learning and analytics products, REACH™ ensures you are always equipped with the industry’s leading-edge automation technology.

What's New?

EASIER Payment

  • Increased purchasing convenience with Apple Pay and Google Pay integration.


  • Easier to review transactional profits for any time period across
    multiple pages in “My Income Ledger”.

IMPROVED Visibility

  • Enhanced view into payment, cancellations, and gratuity for
    both clients and merchants.

BETTER Interface

  • Multiple aesthetic improvements to the look, feel, and clarity of
    the client user experience.

Issues Resolved:

Booking Module

  • Updated look & feel on the sign-in screen.
  • REACH Appointment confirmations improved.
  • Previously booked appointments would show appointments that had been canceled and never attended.
  • Refactored booking creation process to accommodate the payment capture feature.
  • Merchants set the incentive amount as a percentage in the REACH booking module.
  • The Booking Module process has been simplified.
  • Customer source assigned correctly in all instances.
  • Various usability issues resolved.



  • Previously booked services no longer including canceled services
  • Email Preview corrected (button and logo were off-centered)
  • Provider avatars updated in all email communications
  • Gratuity is now shown in appointment notifications and the confirmation screen
  • Offers in the “My Account” can now be redeemed only once
  • Various usability issues resolved

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