New Features & Updates

2020.05.10 Release

About the REACH™ platform:

World-class client experience is a 360-degree engagement cycle. Salon or Spa clients seamlessly flow between their in-store services and the automated on-line connections, offers, and communications provided by the REACH™ platform. By consistently upgrading core learning and analytics products, REACH™ ensures you are always equipped with the industry’s leading-edge automation technology.

What's New?

Robust Texting Capabilities

SMS texting increases client retention and revenue generation. This function will initially be launched to clients who are overdue for a service based on their defined service cadence. To be included in SMS communications, clients must provide their mobile phone number and “opt-in” via the POS or the REACH™ booking module.

Seamless Client Orientation

A seamless, automated communications campaign to announce your upgraded client booking experience to clients is included with REACH™. New accounts and REACH™ activation trigger a set of four well-spaced reminders. It walks them through convenient access to last-minute appointments and how easy it is to set up and use.

Fast-Track Booking

Each client can instantly choose a previously booked service-provider combination and go directly to date and time selection. Personalized fast-track cards pre-populate their known preferences to provide an ultra-convenient booking experience. Clients enjoy a smoother, simpler process and transaction process flow.

Fluid Issue Resolution

During booking, it is not uncommon for double bookings to occur or for resources to become unavailable for a particular appointment. When these scheduling issues arise, REACH™ takes the client on a friendly redirection pathway back to a page where they can choose from currently available services, providers, days, and times.


Our talented teams of Data Scientists, Engineers, Developers, Analysts, Product, and Technology Specialists are consistently working on upgrading REACH features for you in many different ways both big and small. This includes the look, feel, and ease of use of our product. Some recent and notable improvements that benefit staff, clients, and your bottom line include:

  • Easier client access to service providers
  • Enhanced price and schedule accuracy
  • Perfected avatar ratios
  • Progress indication
  • Payment flexibility: both debit and credit card
  • Broader browser compatibility
  • and more…

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